“ In nature nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything changes”     

ISO 9001:2008


The service portfolio is constantly being expanded, through the provision of services in public and private clients, which plays an important role in the management of industrial and household waste.

Through its technical and operational expertise, develop projects for Total Waste Management specific to the needs of the customer ("in site"), including the effective operation of the work steps, providing qualified resources, including manpower and equipment required / trucks properly specified for the execution of all operations.

Waste recovery sustainably and economically, too, have primary focus on the solutions offered so as to fully meet the National Solid Waste and Environmental Management programs of private companies and municipalities.



It is specialized in selling blank sheet of tinplates in coils, sheets and scraps from discarded scrap metal by the manufactories. They are also reusable as raw material by other companies in the product processing.


The headquarters are located in São Paulo, in a strategic location near access to highways. It has expanded after the establishment of a new subsidiary in Araras, inside São Paulo.


It has its own fleet with new and monitored vehicles, which facilitates the delivery and security of the products in São Paulo and its areas.